JPSC PDF Module 4A Jharkhand Economy

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  • An Introduction to Jharkhand Economy
  • Main Features of Jharkhand economy
  • Main Features of budgets of Jharkhand,
  • Jharkhand Natural Resources
  • Jharkhand energy resources,
  • Jharkhand Transport
  • Jharkhand Trade,
  • Jharkhand Commerce,
  • Jharkhand Industries
  • Jharkhand Industrial Policy
  • Jharkhand Schemes and Projects,
  • Jharkhand Tax and economic reforms,
  • Jharkhand Planned development,
  • Jharkhand Agriculture,
  • Jharkhand Live Stock,
  • Jharkhand Food security,
  • Jharkhand Public Finance and fiscal Policy,
  • Jharkhand Census,
  • Jharkhand Human Development Index,
  • Jharkhand Tourism,
  • Other related aspects.

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JPSC PDF Module 4A Jharkhand Economy

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